Jo Eden Law is the author of the upcoming series called The Monarch Chronicles with the release of her debut book called Little Caterpillar Dreaming. She lives in Australia with her husband Shane and their mystical dog Sassy.


Little Caterpillar Dreaming is about a journey
of self-discovery, finding your courage
and realizing your dreams.
All you have to do is…
Find your purpose and LIVE IT!

A parade of ants march home, a beehive hums
with activity and a little caterpillar is born.

It will take one life changing journey, a curious snail,
a secular dung beetle, a majestic grasshopper,
a boisterous ant, a buzzy bee, a wise ladybird and
an omniscient fairy moth to guide her to her destiny.

If the praying mantis doesn’t demolish her first.

Author: Jo Eden Law
Book Design: Jo Eden Law
Fiction : All Ages
Self Help / Mind, Body & Spirit
ISBN 978-0-9945292-0-6
ISBN 978-0-9945292-1-3