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p.11 The little caterpillar heard the echoes of a chant as she opened her eyes for the first time. What is the significance of the chant? What is being implied here?

The little caterpillar is born and the circle of life continues. The chant that the little caterpillar hears is foreshadowing it’s climactic arrival at the end. It implies that everything was destined to be, right from the beginning. Life may consist of free will and individual choices however destiny will always be the indelible plume.

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#Little Caterpillar Dreaming : Author’s Discussion

Prolouge p.9 Q2  And so it was as it was always meant to be.
Note the biblical undertone to this quote. What does it mean?

I believe everything happens as it should. We create our lives through our experiences, our memories and subsequently our karma. I believe we have the free will to make choices however I imagine an overall blueprint of our lives and how we will meet our destiny.

Do you ever wonder why you are a certain way? Why you have a unique personality full of quirks and oddities? Why you are driven to think and behave a certain way? I suspect the dictation of our character assists the decisions we make which lead us to our ultimate destination. We may change our paths but sooner or later all roads converge.

“And so it was as it was always meant to be.”

Jo Eden Law

#LittleCaterpillarDreaming was written with symbolic intention. An allegorical thread has been sewn through the characters and their dialogue to encourage the reader to explore the relevance and connection to their own personal journey. I have formulated a discussion comprising of a series of questions and annotations to encourage introspection, debate and critical response to this story. There are no right or wrong answers since every individual will identify to the narrative differently, in accordance to their human experience, by means of personality, thought, emotion, openness, memory and spirituality.


p. 9 “the sky that was shrouded in a blackened veil courageously revealed its luminous truth.”

Notice the personification. What does this represent?

For me this personification represents a movement towards illumination. From darkness to light. When we find the courage to lift the blackened veil and reveal who we really are, we live in truth. When we live by the lightness of life, such as happiness, joy and love, we live in spirit. When we direct our thoughts towards the opposite, then we are living in ego, akin to the dark clouds that cover the true nature of the clear blue sky that basks in the shimmering awareness.

Live your light.



I know many of you have read my book, #littlecaterpillardreaming, by now and the feedback I have received has been wonderful. The messages you have sent have reminded me of the strength of love and friendship that have endured the test of time, distance and ego. The purity of your words have inspired me, and my heart is bursting with gratitude. Thank you.

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